Margaret Ngai

Customer Experience Consultant, Connector42

Margaret Ngai has been a customer experience consultant for over 15 years. She has created amazing customer experiences for many companies. Her work spans B2C brands like Whirlpool, Nestlé, Nissan, and Coca-Cola, as well as B2B space like Purolator and Bell Canada. Margaret’s specialty is helping companies build better relationships with their customers through data insights. As a management consultant with Ernst & Young, she developed methodologies that used data to rapidly assess gaps in her clients’ customer interactions. While at FCB, she grew the data practice 3-fold, providing insights to grow her clients’ business. With her own consulting firm Connector42, Margaret and her team provide services in datainformed CX. In addition to creating award-winning customer programs, Margaret is starting an online resource to help inspire better data-informed customer experience.

Session Description:

5 Must-Dos To Improve Grocery Retail Customer Experience Using Data, Margaret Ngai, Connector42