Carman Allison

VP of Consumer Intelligence Nielsen Canada

Carman Allison serves as VP of Consumer Intelligence for Nielsen Canada.  Carman as his finger on the pulse of the FMCG consumer landscape and is relied on by manufacturers and retailers to provide insights they need to make strategic business decisions. With 30 years of experience, he shares his research on consumer shopping and attitudes through industry reports and presentations and his two monthly columns in Canadian Grocer and Grocery Business magazines.

Session Description:
The Two Sides Of Each Dollar You Sell: Predicting The Covid-19 Behavioural Reset. The force of COVID-19 continues to spark creative ways to conduct business and meet consumers’ demands. Shopping behaviours are a testament that our ‘new normal’ is a never-ending evolution, which makes the FMCG landscape more interesting than it’s ever been. While the future may be uncertain, we do know that there is a behavioural shift unfolding which is being defined by an economic reset as consumers rethink how they shop and what they buy. The impact isn’t equal as many of us reset our household needs and expectations. We will explore how consumers are becoming more polarized which will redefine future growth opportunities for both retailers and manufacturers. Carman Allison, Nielsen.