Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: You can breathe easy as our team will ensure that you receive communication in order to make the transition as seamless and easy as possible. ALL aspects of the move to virtual will be touched upon but feel free to contact us for a personal conversation.

    Rolster Taylor: rtaylor@cfig.ca; Jason An jan@cfig.ca

  • A: Simple 5-Step Process

    STEP #1:
    Pick your booth from our menu of 4 options or design your own custom booth (see menu here) Contact: Rolster Taylor: rtaylor@cfig.ca; Jason An: jan@cfig.ca

    STEP #2:
    Customize your booth with your company logo, company colours, and advertisements.

    STEP #3:
    Determine what videos, PDFs, and links to websites you want to imbed in your booth for attendees to view or put in their digital show bag. We will send you a link to upload these to.

    STEP #4:
    Determine who will staff your booth during show hours (note: an email is sent to you from those wanting to chat when you cannot staff your booth. More details below). We recommend at least 2 representatives with 3 representatives being ideal.

    STEP #5:
    Promote your participation using one of our customizable sponsorships here

    Contact: Joe Sawaged jsawaged@cfig.ca; Jenna Perry jperry@cfig.ca

  • A: A link will be provided after you select and customize your booth to send files to: events@cfig.ca

    *NOTE: we highly recommend converting PowerPoint slides to PDF format

    MP3, WAV
    Video Upload: MOV, MP4, MPG, WMV
    Video from Embed Code: Any video player may be embedded including YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream
    Link within Window: This link will open within a new window (frame) within the virtual experience
    Downloadable: PDF, DOC, PPT, ZIP, JPG, PNG

  • A: We recommend 2 representatives at the booth and ideally 3 representatives.

  • A: If an attendee enters the booth and requests a chat they will receive a customizable message. The system can also be set to email all the representatives that someone requested a chat. There is also a chat queue available to representatives so see the history of attendee chat requests where they can find the attendee profile and

  • A: From the booth menu, you will see that each booth has:

    ➢ video screen(s) to play videos in (number of screens varies with each booth option)
    ➢ Banner ad positions to add promotional ads & copy (number and type vary with each booth option)
    ➢ Screen(s) to display links to PDFs, web sites, etc (number of screens varies with each booth option)
    ➢ Booth text chat (with translation in English, French Canadian, European Canadian, and 97 additional different languages)
    ➢ The ability for attendees to place digital materials offered at your booth into a digital show bag. Your
    digital materials can be in the form of PDF, Audio & Video files. The type and amount of files is based on the booth option you select
    ➢ Ability to customize the colors and add logos to your booth (the number of logo positions varies with the booth option you select)
    ➢ Full reporting dashboard to run reports of who came to your booth, what did they download, etc
    ➢ Ability to “practice” from your booth on November 23, 2020 “move-in day”
    ➢ Full technical support
    ➢ Listing in the virtual show directory
    ➢ Booth is fully searchable
    ➢ Booth remains up for 30 days post-event as a great lead generator

  • A: Each booth has several video screens, banner ad positions, and screens to post videos, PDFs and links to your website. The number is based on the booth option you select. You can add additional screens, banner ads and screens to post PDFs, videos or links to websites by purchasing an upgraded booth option (for example buying up from booth option #1 to booth option #2 or #3 or #4).

  • A: Technology support will be available during all virtual events:

    • If you have problems logging into the virtual environment, visit the SUPPORT LINK at the very bottom of the Login page.

    • If you’re in the environment during the event and have trouble entering a video session, click on TECH & PROGRAM SUPPORT from the environment home page.

    • If you’re in a video session and have trouble with audio or video, “SWITCH TO PHONE” by finding the microphone icon on the top centre of your screen. Click the dropdown arrow on this icon to get a phone
    number to dial into the session.

  • A: YES. It works on desktops and laptops (PC & APPLE), Tablets (Apple & Android) and mobile phones (Apple & Android)

  • A: YES: We have scheduled a virtual “move-in” day on November 23, 2020, where you can practice being at your booth in preview mode.

  • A: YES, our team can take you through a demo.

    Schedule a demo: Rolster Taylor: rtaylor@cfig.ca; Jason An jan@cfig.ca View demo video here

  • A: You will have a dashboard to view different reports including who visited your booth, how long did they stay, their opt-in information, and more. In fact, your dashboard will enable you to gain data covering:

    ■ Track activity and ROI with 24/7 access to real-time reports featuring
    ● Who downloaded any content from your booth?
    ● Who stopped by your booth and clicked on any element?
    ● Who clicked on any sponsorship products such as ads, posters, banners at GIC?
    ● Who engaged in text chat at your booth?

  • A: Retailers from grocery, specialty, C-store, independents, chains and franchisees, mass merchandisers and more will be in attendance. Along with retailers, there will be distributors, agents, wholesalers and manufacturers – all facets of the grocery sector will be present.

  • A: YES: We have created a virtual New Product Showcase. Each display will feature 9 total new products. There will be 3 shelves on each display and 3 new products per display. There is an extra fee to participate.

    Contact: Rolster Taylor: rtaylor@cfig.ca; Jason An jan@cfig.ca

  • A: Over the three-day event, November 24, 25, 26, speaker sessions will be live starting at 12noon EST. There will be workshops and keynotes from expert leaders in the industry that will be available on-demand 30 days after the event for those registered for the conference. Afternoons, starting from 1:00pm EST, attendees can explore the immersive, interactive trade show visiting various booths and chatting with exhibitors. There will also be demos and education sessions throughout the afternoon available on-demand. See Schedule here

  • A: Your booth is “open” 24/7 during the live Show days and for 30 days post-event. The live exhibit hall hours start from 1:00pm EST – and go until recommended time of 6:00pm EST. Exhibitors will be able to be contacted by retailers, and attendees however 24/7 via the platform chat.

  • A: We have created a platform that has been tested and performed with thousands of concurrent attendees. Our event has been equipped to handle the expected global audience.

    Booth video chat is handled as a small upcharge to obtain a Zoom license which will be assigned to each booth. Zoom handles millions of video conferences.

  • A: Text is standard. Video available for slight upcharge.

  • A: Yes, each person can log in individually from their individual computers.

Questions on Exhibiting?

The trade show booth isn’t a one-dimensional image on your screen, in fact it’s a virtual experience where attendees will be able to immerse themselves in exhibitors’ curated environments showcasing their latest products and services, and where sales can directly take place. Online retailers and buyers from around the world will access videos, download sales sheets and information, and chat with vendors live, in a multitude of languages. After the event, the trade show stays online for 30 days, enabling even further engagement and business to take place.

Rolster Taylor
Director of Sales

(647) 625-7940 | rtaylor@cfig.ca

Jason An
Account Representative

(416) 492-1806 | jan@cfig.ca

Ready to go virtual?